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We are blessed to have worked with so many inspiring individuals. Find out about their stories here. 


Academic & Personal development

Joel joined Mrs Bryson's 11+ tutoring classes relatively strong with maths, but struggling with English. From early on, there was a significant improvement which his school teachers noted. Coming up to the 11+ grammar exams, Joel still needed work on his creative writing. Mrs Bryson's at BF4ALL set up regular sessions with him and one other student, which allowed them to compare and contrast their work. 


During our time with Mrs Bryson's, her solid Christian ethos has been instrumental in Joel's academic and personal development. The night before his first exam Joel became very anxious and we could not calm him down. We called Mrs Bryson's, and she prayed with him, recited some of their daily affirmations and spoke words of encouragement over him. Joel attended the exam the following day, calm and confident. Joel passed both exams and met the criteria for all three grammar schools of his choice. 


He accepted an offer from Wilson's Grammar School, Sutton in March 2021.


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Gaining Confidence

Cara has gained huge confidence over the last two years in her English skills. In GCSE, her levels have increased from a predicated Grade 3 to 5, over the last year and is much more confident. Thank you for giving Cara the skills and confidence that she needs to be successful in her English studies.


Georgia Wilson: Mother to Lawrence and Christabel

 "Mrs Bryson came forward with a solution that made all the difference for our family and solved each problem that we faced due to school disruption brought about by coronavirus.
By launching The Bright Futures 4 All Virtual School, a face to face zoom school, at the beginning of third term in April 2020, both of my children, became founding pupils of Mrs Bryson’s virtual school, and were able to carry on learning with minimal input from us as parents. At that time my children's no frills prep school had failed to engage its pupils in online face to face learning and due to the nature of my full-time job, being Head of Finance for a firm in the The Docklands, I was struggling to manage the children, my new work-from-home status during lockdown, and no childcare as both nannies were in quarantine for covid symptoms and could not report into work.
The launch of the online school was the perfect solution and the children adapted extremely well to online learning.
Further help and support came in the summer holiday period when childcare was still difficult to secure and both children were able to attend Mrs Bryson’s summer covid school online.The solution was so effective that when the children’s prep school then announced its permanent closure due to dwindling numbers, we made a commitment to remain with Mrs Bryson into the new academic year.
In September 2020, Mrs Bryson and her team launched Hillel Park School and both children were enrolled. My biggest fear at the beginning of lockdown pertained to how we would support Lawrence effectively but my fears were mis-founded. In October 2020, Lawrence, my elder child, started his 11+ exams for grammar schools. He has passed the Medway grammar school exams and we are awaiting more grammar exams results. In November 2020, Lawrence will commence his independent 11+ exams.
Our daughter, Christabel, only in reception when lockdown kicked off also has benefited immensely and often declares that the teachers at Hillel Park School are her favourite teachers in the world, especially Mrs Bryson. Christabel also said the difference between her old school and this new school is that she is able to learn about Rosa Parks and Black History Month!
We would like to thank Mrs Bryson for her professionalism, her passion for education, her care for the children and for supporting our family so wholeheartedly during this time." 

Testimonial: Doutimi Aseh, Mother of Amare and Taye Gonzales

"Their teachers have been amazed by how much they know"

‘At the beginning of lockdown, we started as probably most parents did, with timetables, educational materials and lots of enthusiasm....

Well by week 3, the timetables were in the bin and our enthusiasm was non existent... Hillel Bright Futures Trust online tutoring support, literally saved the day! 

Our 9 year old and 5 year old sons enrolled into the virtual tutoring services provided by HBFT and attended for 5 months. Since returning to school, their teachers have been amazed by how much they know and in fact as a result of the additional support, my 5 year old is so much more confident with his reading and now knows how to simplify simple fractions. In addition he can identify root words, prefixes and suffixes!’ 

Both boys made  new friends and thoroughly enjoyed their time. Fantastic teachers who are nurturing and really show a passion for all children to reach their full potential’.

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Abi's Mother

West Thornton Primary School, Croydon

 “After 12 months of Abi being tutored by BF4ALL, she hugely developed in all areas of her English, as well as maths. This was in spite of her missing a year’s schooling. We are delighted that Abi secured a place at Wallington County Grammar Girls school”. 

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Graham Smith

Managing Director,

The EAL Academy 

“Karen is an amazingly imaginative and resourceful project and events manager. She combines attention to detail with creativity and flair. She delivers high profile and memorable events on low budgets.” 

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Adam's Mother

Cranmer Primary School,


“Since Adam started your school, I have seen a significant improvement in his English. He is more confident, especially with his writing. He use to have to think for a long time, now he’s quicker. His ability to comprehend what he is reading has also improved.” 

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Emmanuelle's Mother

Oasis Secondary Academy Coulsdon

 “When I approached BF4ALL, my year 10 son Emmanuelle, was predicted a ‘D’ grade in his English GCSE. After 12 months of 1-to-1 tuition, my son sat his GCSE and was 3 marks away from an ‘A’ grade. He is now more confident and completing the A’ levels of his choice at his 1st choice sixth form”. 

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Lela Kogbara

Assistant Director,

Islington Council 

 “Karen made a really positive contribution to Islington in so many ways, including as a parent governor for one of the schools. From my point of view Karen’s tour de force was Black History Month, which she took to another level. She made links with people across the spectrum of education, arts, science, religion and politics and was creative in creating something that must be as close as possible to the original vision of bringing hidden histories to light and celebrating across cultures. I would strongly recommend Karen.” 

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