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We began life as Bright Futures 4 All (BF4ALL) in 2008 in Central and South Islington, providing affordable supplementary education and support to all children/families, regardless of their economic, cultural or ethnic background.  As a CIC, originally we delivered education to primary-aged children at £2 per session, and counselling to their parents (Free)in two local church community centres’ (St. Mary’s and St. Luke’s).  


Since 2015, we have re-located and have been delivering a range of education and welfare support to mostly BAME school-aged children and their families in Croydon and the surrounding South London boroughs. These families share a common desire to provide an inspiring education to their children, grounded in British cultural and Christian values.  


Backed by a strong Christian ethos,  all the education and well-being work we carry out are based on the British Christian values of: Building Hope, Love and resilience. 

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BUILDING HOPE | SUPPORTING PARENTS & FAMILIES. Access to a Better & Brighter Future!

The launch of the UK's first hybrid school


Despite the research demonstrating the systemic nature of racism and social injustice in Britain, as a Christian I am filled with hope that I believe the ‘game-changer’ is education.  The ability to create, fund and lead our own initiatives, employing the brightest and the best, is the key. Following consultations with parents, we are seeking to develop and introduce new innovative ways to meet the educational and well-being needs of our children***.    


We aim to :  



  • To create a culturally-rich and safe space, where we fortify and strengthen the minds and hearts of the next generation of diverse leaders

  • To work with a range of family units, for the best outcome for ALL diverse children, regardless of their economic circumstances

  • To ensure that parents are at the forefront of the trusts development (e.g.) parent education and well-being classes

  • To use technology to allow isolated children to start  to consider returning to school with a phased return in a small, compassionate, caring learning environment.

  • Promote education based on the FOREST school initiative (outdoor learning based on Kinaesthetic methods of learning to  support SEN learners)

  • Employ staff who are leaders in after-school provisions in the UK Trauma-Informed school movement. To train governors and children on how to support the most vulnerable and often  disadvantaged in our  community.



*** NOTE: One of these proposals is to support places in a new school for a new post-COVID era - Hillel Park School. This is a ‘hybrid’ all-through, co-educational, non-denomination inclusive school model.  Established on a Christian ethos, this parent-led initiative, is aiming to take the best of the old world school model and blend it with a new ‘technological’ model, which embeds the best practice from both state and private schools. 

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