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Summer School Science & Fun Club
In Partnership With :
Croydon Village Science & Fun Club

Science food and fun spectacular

From the 26th to 29th July & 30th August to 2nd September, Hillel Bright Futures Trust presents Croydon’s Summer Science Club! Offering a range of activities from drama and dance workshops, daily sport activities, arts and crafts and lots of science fun learning activities.  


This programme is open to children at a minimal cost. These sessions will include STEM lessons, alongside creative and performing arts and sports coaches. These would run Tuesday to Friday 9AM to 3PM (Gates are opening at 8:30AM) and provide an excellent opportunity for children to consolidate on their learning whilst having fun.


Combined Programme: 11+ Assessment/Summer Holiday Club. 

As requested by many parents, we will offer 11+ assessments. Children will sit their 11+ examinations in the morning and then attend afternoon sessions at the summer club. This is great for ensuring children get a balance, whilst also preparing them for their 11+ assessments, or first year of secondary school.

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Central Croydon

Gates are opening at 8.30AM and all children are expected to be at the location by 9AM when the school will be starting. Please drop them at least 5 minutes before the starting time to avoid delays. For more information, call us on 020 7062 7123 / 07835 878283 or email us at

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