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A Distraction! Race Disparities Report - Parents Stay Focused!

A Distraction! Race Disparities Report - Parents Stay Focused!

Dear Parents/Grandparents,

Many of you are aware of the furore caused by the Dr Tony Swell report on 'Race and ethnic disparities'. My focus is empowering parents by picking some of the good aspects out of the report, in the hope that ALL parents will 'run-with-it' to secure the best outcomes for their children's future/career.

Can I encourage you all to read at least the following sections from The Education and training document of the report: Recommendation 15: Create Agency – Empower pupils to make more informed choices to fulfill their future potential and IMPORTANTLY, Apprenticeships, vocational education and lifelong learning. The case studies in the latter section, although few, give invaluable information for parents to pursue in preparing their children to make informed choices.

Most educators, like me, have known for more than a decade that we are living in a 'Brave New World'. In this new world order, you need a new perspective on preparing your child to secure a ‘happy’ future. As the report highlights, great educational outcomes is no guarantee of a great career based on the old-school values of –chasing A’ levels and then a degree at a prestigious or non-prestigious university. Tapping into your child’s passions and using this as a barometer to research industries/careers where they might excel, is time well invested in securing a successful, healthy outcome for your child.

I wish you all the best in listening to your child's hopes and dreams and helping them to pursue and attain it. Karen Bryson, Founder/Director of and

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