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Our Children's work published by Lankelly Chase

We are delighted that three of our amazing Year 5 students (ages 9-10 years) have had their work published on Lankelly Chase's Website.

Lankelly Chase is a charitable trust helping support the community and disadvantaged people in society.

Please find below their heart-felt, emotional responses, to their identity and place in a post- George Floyd world (2019-2020):

Amare Gonzales

'I have a dream'

I have a dream, to live in a world where all lives will truly matter. A world where there is equality, justice and peace for all. A world with no stereotypes, where people are free to be whoever they want, without fear of being judged by others.

Recently, there has been a series of protests across America and the world, in response to a death of a man called George Floyd. George was a black male who died on the 25th May 2020, after being arrested by a number of police officers. George was treated unfairly by the police and this resulted in his death. Many of the protesters are upset because George is not the first black person to have died as a result of police violence.

People should not be treated unfairly due to the colour of their skin because we are all part of one race; the human race. We have been created in God’s image and we need to love one another, just like Jesus loves us.

I want to live in a world that is kind, caring and sympathetic. A world where we can all unite as one and face all challenges together. For example, during the Covid -19 pandemic, people from all different backgrounds have come together across the world to support and care for one another. Why did it take a pandemic for people to wake up and realise the importance of being kind?

As Martin Luther King once said, individuals in society, should be judged by their character, not by the colour of their skin.

Until, black lives matter and all people of different ethnicities are treated fairly in society, how can all lives really matter?

Link to post on Lankelly Chase: here

Fallon Terry

'Unity in Diversity'

You may be wondering what is unity in diversity? Unity in diversity means forgetting that we are different and uniting as one!


· If you are being nice to someone despite that they are different then you are displaying unity in diversity.

· If you are being mean to someone (as they are differentL) then you are certainly not unifying in diversity.

Why is it important?

Unity in diversity is important as people may feel left out if they are treated badly because of things they cannot change or don’t want to change;

· The country they were born in

· Their family

· Their skin colour

· Their beliefs (e.g. Gods / Goddess )

And none of which is fair just because you are different. I have experienced being left out because of my hair and skin colour. Although I am not quite Rapunzle, I deserve the same amount of respect as those who are white with long hair. This segment of cruelness is called racism. Racism is when people judge you because of your race (normally if you are non white). Racism is very common and needs to be put to a halt.

Martin Luther King – has a famous speech called ‘I have a dream’ about how black and white people should and can come together as one. This is ‘unity in diversity’!

My conclusion is that everybody should be treated the same, even if we are different and we have feelings too. Now, to finish, I have written a special poem reflecting these thoughts and feelings.

Where there is a will. There is a way!

My will that someday my race will find a way, the bells would sing and heavens rejoice. But until that day hope still reigns.

My will is that someday, this madness will stop and that people will be judged by the way their true hearts take them and not because of their race.

My will is that someday, all the leaders of the past (who stood up for me and inspired people) will rest knowing they did a good job.

My will is that my friends will respect me and find things to bring us closer not pull us apart.

My will is that someday my race will find a way, the bells will sing and heavens rejoice .But until that day hope still strays.

Where there is a way there is a way!

Link to post on Lankelly Chase: Here

Gaius Miller


For years people like Rosa Parks and Malcom X have fought for change, to end racial segregation and, for the rights of black people. But today I am going to talk about Dr. Martin Luther King, arguably known as one of the most influential civil rights activists. He strived to create the change across the United States (and beyond) where people would be treated equally, regardless of their race.

Dr. Martin Luther King started his journey as a minister, however, due to social injustice, racial discrimination and segregation in the United States, it cultivated a desire within him to speak out and do more to aid the civil rights movement. His voice and passion helped him to try and bring people from different races together inequality. He marched through the streets with thousands of non-violent demonstrators. Sometimes the people walking with him got beaten, shot and even murdered. He helped to organise a major protest on the Montgomery Bus. The Montgomery Bus Boycott was a civil rights protest during which African Americans refused to ride city buses in Montgomery, Alabama, to protest segregated seating. The protest lasted a year. I reflect and question myself about what would I be willing to sacrifice to stand up for social injustice at 10 years old. In our world today when you do the right things not everybody appreciates it. Dr. King was incarcerated 29 times simply because he stood up against those victimized and treated unfairly. He was one of the significant voices for the oppressed and even after going to jail he kept protesting.

The fight for equality was not over, victory was not won. Despite change being slow, Dr. King fought on. He was prepared to lose his life to share the truth and help others to gain their rights. He kept going all the way up to his death [in 1968] when he was assassinated simply because of the positive difference he and his supporters made.

There is still racism and social injustice in our world today. As a child, I am most vulnerable when it comes to the evil effects of racism, discrimination and intolerance. A recent example is the murder of George Floyd by four white policeman. He was just one victim of a very long list of unjust killings by the police and hate crimes. Other examples can occur as a result of stereotyping. We need to stand up for our rights and become a new Martin Luther King, and we need it now more than ever.

The impact of Dr. King’s life and legacy directly shapes my reality. He reminded me, that what he did and stood for was no extraordinary feat. I, and we, must rise to our own greatness for the betterment of all mankind. We need to do our part to drive true change that our country and world desperately needs. Dr King states ‘Unity is the great need of the hour, and if we are united we can get many of the things that we not only desire but which we justly deserve’. When we come together, we can overcome anything and make this world a better place. Every individual has the capacity to make our world a better place.

Link to post on Lankelly Chase: here

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