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The Launch of our Virtual School

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

With many parents sheltering, worrying about home-schooling or the effects of their child being off school, Bright Futures 4 All launched its online virtual school.

Provisions included a morning school for children in KS1 and an afternoon school for KS2. All the children were taught English, Maths and a topic. T

The Summer School continued these main principles and offered students the opportunity to consolidate their knowledge of the year ahead and provided an extension for learning. It was excellent to see some friendly faces at our Summer Picnic in the Park event to celebrate the end of last term!

Whilst September saw many students return to school, Bright Futures 4 All continued its provision of virtual learning.

We currently offer KS1 students (Reception to year 2) provisions from 8.45 to 12.30. Meanwhile, Year 4 to 6 have online learning from 8.45 to 2.30pm.

Dependent on Covid related descriptions, the students come into the centre on Friday to participate in Arts and Crafts based learning.

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